Taxonomy of Best Practices

As popular as the term has become, “best practices” is often more about adopting a trendy concept and posting lists on classroom walls than defining the way classroom instruction is actually delivered. Schools and school districts who have successfully integrated “best practices” into their classrooms have done so with a sincere commitment, hands-on professional development, and strategic implementation in every classroom.

It begins with the honest and transparent scrutiny of current classroom practices to remove those that are ineffective and to make room for those that work. The next step is to match them with the demands of Unit content standards and to connect them with actual teaching-learning activities. To simply mandate “this year, we will all do ‘goal-setting,’” is to miss the point about “best practices.”

EdFOCUS helps the district (and each school) make “best practices” an integral part of its deep-culture and daily operation. The EdFOCUS approach is to show teachers how to use each “practice” in the context of the actual curriculum and the Units they actually teach.

Below is the list of “best practices” offered by EdFOCUS as professional development. These are a compilation of the many such lists in circulation and the ones most supported in the research as making a difference in student performance. (Click here to see the bibliography of supporting research.)

Best Practices Training and Materials Provided by EdFOCUS Initiative