Judith K. March

MarchSenior Consultant: Every position I've held in education has opened my eyes to its own set of miracles about learning! I still cherish those “aha” moments among my high school English students, and I've been lucky to work with some amazing graduate students!

Even though every school's primary focus is the academic success of its students, that success is made possible through the efforts of caring and capable adults—teachers and administrators who continually deepen their knowledge and become more proficient in the skills of their craft. As a building administrator, assistant superintendent, university professor, and author, I've had the good fortune of working with the adult side of the learning equation. Helping teachers and administrators better serve their students has become my own mission and indeed defines the purpose of EdFOCUS. We've assembled a team of content experts, leadership specialists, and data-analysis gurus who can offer a wide array of services and products—all customized to the unique professional growth needs of each school or district.

We rarely find school staffs who aren't working hard—many are simply not working hard at the right things. In our experience, teachers and administrators are expected to grow professionally and develop new knowledge and assimilate research findings on their own. Many schools lack the internal capacity in time and resources to support professional growth. So it's natural that they seek help from external providers. What I feel is unique about EdFOCUS as a provider is our commitment to work ourselves out of a job! That is, we're committed to help the district develop its internal capacity to sustain and extend the effort once we have completed our work. What could be better than that?!