About Us

EdFOCUS Initiative is a not-for-profit group that provides customized and research-based consultation to schools, to help raise student achievement through:

  • Transforming the curriculum with:
    • the content standards in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies (this includes the Common Core if applicable).
    • Literacy Standards at grades 6-12 for Science, Social Studies, Math and Technical Subjects.
    • the 21st Century Skills.
  • Data analysis to plan instruction.
  • “Best practices” to guide teaching and learning in every classroom.
  • Test items aligned with the standards.
  • Classroom observation to monitor and maintain quality instruction.

EdFOCUS is a team of consultants with decades of successful experience working with schools. Team members have served as classroom teachers, administrators, and college professors.

EdFOCUS is headed by Dr. Judith K. March and Dr. Karen H. Peters, who have provided school reform services in seven states, including Ohio. They have published four books on school reform, the most recent entitled The Common Core—An Uncommon Opportunity: The Redesign of Classroom Instruction (Corwin Press, 2014).

EdFOCUS consultants are certificated in the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).

Customized Services and Products

The EdFOCUS team is unique in several ways:

  1. We take pride in customizing our services and products to the precise needs and circumstances of each client. One size does NOT fit all!
  2. We work “hands-on” with teachers and other staff throughout the process.
  3. We provide specific feedback on all of the materials developed by teachers and administrators.
  4. We provide clerical services to produce teacher-developed classroom materials and post them on the district website.
  5. We focus on building the internal capacity of the school staff to maintain the work once it is complete.