Diane Guarnieri

Diane GuarnieriHaving been pulled into administration after 25 years of classroom service, I would often reflect on just what was my leadership style. One of the many leadership books I obtained was The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus: How to Get Big Things Done in Your “Workshop” All Year Long; a humorous, realistic, motivational piece that deals with the challenges, changes and expectations that are part of our educational lives. This book became my inspiration for a vital leadership style: “Focus on your people as well as your purpose.” To be effective, there must be clear goals, accountability, feedback, recognition and coaching. This is true of the leader in the classroom, the building and the district. During my twelve years in a leadership position, my goal was to promote a team atmosphere where everyone knew his/her importance and grow leaders from within.

I am excited to share my experiences and continue to learn and grow through the relationships presented as an EdFOCUS consultant. Working with others to discover their potential and realize the difference they make is my motivation. Students, parents, teachers and administrators all have an important part to play in “Santa's workshop.”