The Common Core, an Uncommon Opportunity (Corwin Press, 2014)

Common Core bookWhy The Common Core, an Uncommon Opportunity? Why now? Because it tackles a largely overlooked component of successful implementation: how to redesign your instructional delivery system, K–12. And you’ll have to; if you don’t, you'll be subject to the very same failure and frustration so many other districts and schools are experiencing. What’s more, March and Peters describe how to integrate 21st Century Skills at the very same time.

What are the big benefits of this book? If you’re a district leader, it will help you:

  • Develop consistent and structured teaching and learning practices across content areas.
  • Ensure sustainable processes through continuous curriculum review and revision.
  • Strategically use data to monitor student performance goals.
  • Support and sustain enacted reforms through district-wide infrastructure adjustments.
  • Provide teachers with Common Core-aligned course tools, including sample curriculum maps, lessons, and specific teaching suggestions.

There’s no need to start from scratch or attempt to reinvent the wheel. March and Peters have done much of the prep for you. Their processes and tools have already worked in numerous districts—and they can be custom-fit to yours.