Ed Focus Initiative

Data Analysis


EdFOCUS provides the following services for Data Analysis.

Data Analysis for High-Stakes Tests and Benchmark Assessments - District testing programs should not be about the points earned or the final grade but the mastery being demonstrated. Moreover, the teachers’ energies should be focused on how the results will impact instruction...Click Here for more information.

Standards-Based Benchmarks - For districts who cannot afford or elect not to use an on-line testing program, yet need to have valid common assessments, EdFOCUS provides an excellent and cost-effective solution...Click Here for more information.

Error Analysis to Get Beneath the Scores - Another EdFOCUS technique is to help school staffs look for error patterns. Once they determine which concepts have proven the most problematic and for which particular students...Click Here for more information.

From Test Reports to Classroom Instruction - EdFOCUS works with schools to help staffs analyze test data, prioritizing the strengths and weaknesses into a Data Wall...Click Here for more information.