Ed Focus Initiative

Mastering the Curriculum Standards

Seize the Opportunity to Make the MOST of the New Standards!

Let EdFOCUS help you make the standards process this year’s most efficient and productive professional growth experience - for your entire staff!

Ohio’s state Board of Education has adopted Core Curriculum Standards in Math, and English Language Arts, and new Academic Content Standards in Science, and Social Studies - to be fully implemented by the 2013-14 school year. To allow for the gradual phase-in, Ohio’s Academic Assessments will not change until the 2013-14 school year. The Ohio Department of Education has several on-line resources to help schools implement the new standards.

But no amount of on-line assistance can replace teachers actually working with the standards to create the curriculum that is delivered daily in every classroom. Experience bears out the research that if teachers devise the curriculum, they will have made a personal and professional investment in its success. This heightened accountability yields not only better classroom instruction but higher levels of student performance.

The new standards also place a greater level of responsibility on the principal. As implied in the 2009 “Ohio Principal Evaluation System” (OPES), the Principal will be accountable for overseeing the legitimate implementation and valid assessment of the curriculum and for giving teachers substantive feedback on classroom instruction. This is a relatively new concept for many districts who have become satisfied with the perfunctory review of lesson plans.

Thoroughly familiar with the new standards, EdFOCUS consultants are eager to assist schools with this exciting challenge! While the new standards are numerically fewer, their mastery will require higher levels of thinking and more real-world applications. The new organization of concepts and skills places greater emphasis on deep-level mastery at each grade level in preparation for the next. Many topics and concepts have been shifted to different grade-levels, and much of the repetition found in the current standards is no longer in place. The new format of “statements of understanding” rather than verb phrases places a greater burden on each district for clustering the standards into meaningful units, placing them into an effective year-long sequence for teaching and learning. Teachers will need considerable dialogue to arrive at grade-level consensus about what strategies to use to deliver instruction and how best to assess student mastery.

EdFOCUS has sample materials to work with teachers in the planning, delivery, and assessment of the new standards. In addition, EdFOCUS provides parallel training and coaching for principals to help them facilitate and monitor the implementation of the new curriculum.

Our considerable experience with the current standards in Ohio and many other states gives EdFOCUS another distinct advantage. We are perfectly positioned to help districts balance their focus on what is still tested on the OAAs with making the transition to the new standards.