Ed Focus Initiative

Curriculum and Content Standards


EdFOCUS provides the following services for Curriculum and Content Standards.

Curriculum Mapping - EdFOCUS helps grade-level teams cluster their standards from several strands or domains into topical or thematic Units.   These Units are then placed in the most appropriate sequence for teaching and learning...Click Here for more information.

21st Century Skills - Although several “lists” of 21st Century Skills are circulating, the “Partnership” list is one of the most comprehensive. The EdFOCUS team will help you incorporate these skills into your curriculum using developmentally appropriate “work habits” and “products” at each grade level and within each content area...Click Here for more information.

Mastering the Curriculum Standards - Seize the Opportunity to Make the MOST of the New Standards! Let EdFOCUS help you make the standards process this year’s most efficient and productive professional growth experience...Click Here for more information.