Ed Focus Initiative

Taxonomy of Best Practices

Don’t Just Post a List; FULLY Integrate Them Into Every Classroom!

As popular as the term has become, “best practices” is often more about an adopted concept and a posted list than an integral part of classroom instruction. Schools and school districts who have successfully integrated “best practices” into their classrooms have done so with careful planning and strategic implementation.

This begins with the honest and transparent scrutiny of current classroom practices to cull out those that are ineffective and to make room for those that work. Two important requisites for the successful integration of “best practices” are that -

(a) most of them are not stand-alone; they work best when linked to others; and

(b) they are most effective when they are affixed to a responsive curriculum and are reflected in valid assessments.

EdFOCUS has perfected training to help every school make these “best practices” an integral part of its deep-culture and daily operation. The EdFOCUS approach is to show teachers how to use each “practice” in the context of the actual curriculum and the Units they actually teach. Click here to see samples. From there, the “practices” are strengthened and extended through continuous coaching and monitoring by a coach and/or the principal. Working at this level of collaboration, the staff becomes a Professional Learning Community with the capacity to provide for its own continuous growth and self-correction.

To take advantage of the several “lists” that are currently in circulation, the EdFOCUS Team uses a more comprehensive set of “best practices” than is typically offered.