Ed Focus Initiative

Best Practices


EdFOCUS provides the following services for Curriculum and "Best Practices."

Taxonomy of "Best Practices" - EdFOCUS has perfected training to help every school make these "best practices" an integral part of its deep-culture and daily operation...Click Here for more information.

 "Best Practices" Unit Planning - EdFOCUS has developed a research-based planning format to help teachers organize the delivery and assessment of classroom instruction using techniques from the “best practices” research...Click Here for more information.

 Increasing Student Engagement - EdFOCUS provides training in several “best practices” to maximize student engagement. These include goal setting, recognition and reinforcement, continuous monitoring and feedback and examples of affirm and correct...Click Here for more information.

 Differentiation and RTI - The EdFOCUS approach to Differentiation is to help schools provide different teaching-learning activities appropriate to the various learning needs of individual students - both those who are struggling and those capable of advanced work...Click Here for more information.

 Classroom Assessments - The EdFOCUS team provides sample performance assessments developed by teachers for use in actual classrooms...Click Here for more information.