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Common-Core-bookThe Common Core, an Uncommon Opportunity
By Judith K. March and Karen H. Peters

There's no need to start from scratch or attempt to reinvent the wheel. March and Peters have done much of the prep for you. Their processes and tools have already worked in numerous districts - and they can be custom-fit to yours.



Curriculum Development articleCurriculum Development And Instructional Design In The Effective Schools Process
By Judith K. March and Karen H. Peters

Ms. March and Ms. Peters describe a three-year, six-district demonstration project that is proving to be one of the most exciting examples of curricular development in the long history of the Effective Schools movement.


A Collaborative Approach for Small Districts to Use the Effective Schools Process for Comprehensive School Reform (Download the PDF)
By Judith K. March and Karen H. Peters

This article describes the Ohio Demonstration Project, a three year initiative, involving a collaborative of eight small districts using the effective schools process for comprehensive school reform in conjunction with the Ohio Center for Effective Schools.


high-perf-schoolsDeveloping High-Performing Schools: Instructional Redesign for Learner-Centered Classroom Reform

Publisher: Phi Delta Kappa International; Bloomington, Indiana; 1999
Authors: Judith K, March, Ph.D. and
Karen H. Peters, Ph.D.




Designing Intruction coverDesigning Instruction: Making Best Practices Work in Standards-based Classrooms

Publisher: Corwin Press; Thousand Oaks, California; 2007
Authors: Judith K, March, Ph.D. and
Karen H. Peters, Ph.D.





collaborative observation cover Judith K. March and Karen H. PetersCollaborative Observation: Putting Classroom Instruction at the Center of School Reform
Karen H. Peters and Judith K. March
Thousand Oaks, CA
The Corwin Press, Inc. 1999.