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A Note from Judy and Karen

Hi, there! Some of you may know us from our work with you, but some of you have no idea... Read more

Race to the Top!

Race To The Top’s call for measuring teacher effectiveness has specific stressors for administrators who are charged with determining how... Read more

More Productive Google Searches!

An urgent priority in the 21st Century skills is for students to access information via technology.   As one of the... Read more

It’s a Superintendent-Board Thing!

One characteristic about the education profession is that it is people-intensive. Therefore, there is a premium on the development of... Read more

Get a Bigger Bag

So much to do…so little time !   There’s an old saying that you can’t put more into a bag than... Read more

Gone But (Not) Forgotten

Has the “literary canon” of required high school reading become obsolete? You know — works by Plato, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Tolstoy,... Read more

I Know I Taught That!

Do you ever wonder why students can’t apply Math concepts we know we taught?  Elementary teachers are continually perplexed that... Read more

Have You Heard About The BUGSCOPE?

Is your “bug collection” activity becoming stale and uninspired?  What if your students could use an electron microscope to see... Read more

Bloom for Kids?

Most teachers today have a good understanding of Bloom's Taxonomy (the original and the new) but what about students? I... Read more

Homework as a Learning Tool?

In most schools, homework is as much a part of the culture as recess at elementary and hall passes at... Read more